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Shandong Sino Steel debuted at the 134th Canton Fair Brand Exhibition


On October 23, the new exhibition period of the Guangjiao Steel Segment of Shandong Sino Steel arrived as scheduled, and it debuted at this exhibition as a brand exhibition. Faces of different skin colors are filled with friendly smiles, and languages from different countries form a symphony in the exhibition hall. A brand booth with a good location, large area, and high popularity is a symbol of status and recognition of strength. New booth layout, smooth new product display, detailed exp...

The 2023 expansion training and the mid-month kick-off meeting of the September War concluded successfully


The Seven Heroes of the Warring States Period: Glory of the King Teamwork, passing, relay, and slogans may seem like simple games, but if you want to complete them quickly, you need teamwork to maintain team frequency and consistent goals. The team members worked closely together to complete the "landing" plan from the "mud". Only speed without layout will lead to chaos. Effective reorganization of resources will maximize benefits. Test and break through yourself - the ...

Overseas articles│Take root overseas, gain a foothold in the world, and create new glories again!


In 2021, Shandong Sino Building Materials Group will start the overseas warehouse layout of the overseas business department, conduct overseas localized sales, and solve customer supply chain problems. Overseas sales will quickly become an important growth point for the company's business. In the first half of 2023, the overseas business department will continue to grow and develop, and will continue to improve in terms of team building, system and system building, and sales performance, and mak...

Somali Ambassador to China Awale Ali Kurane and his delegation visited Hong Kong China Building Materials Group


On July 17, Awale Ali Kullane, the Somali ambassador to China, and Professor Wu from Peking University were invited to visit Hong Kong China Building Materials Group and held talks with Yu Yeshuai, the general manager of the group. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on deepening understanding and friendship, and promoting practical exchanges and cooperation. At the symposium, the two parties conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on building warehouses in Somalia, ra...

The Sino Credit Mall revision has been launched!


The Sino Credit Mall revision has been launched!

Sino Steel visited the Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in China


On September 2, Sino Steel went to Beijing to visit the Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in China. In-depth talks were held with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Evgen Buzz (hereinafter referred to as the Minister). First,the Minister expressed his warm welcome to the visit of the Sino Steel. He thanked Shandong Province for its contribution to the economic and trade development of Ethiopia. It is proposed that China's current economic cooperation and development in E...